Innovative metal components.

MIM technology - An intelligent solution.

Complex components frequently have to be put together using several individual parts. MIM technology (metal injection molding) provides unique shaping options that make it possible to create metal components with delicate structures, undercuts and cross bores. Even threads can be integrated into the injection mold. MIM technology is particularly useful for manufacturing small components, as MIM makes it possible to replace small subassemblies with a single part.

Massive steel parts with complex shapes are also no problem with this technology. They are made out of granulate (metal powder and plastic binder) using injection molding, compressed in a sintering furnace at approx. 1300 °C and can be put to use after only minimal reworking.

MIM components are used for a wide variety of applications, such as drive technology, office machines, locking systems, clocks and watches,aviation, hydraulics, and electronics.

Planetary carriers

Planetary carriers are very complex gearhead components that need to be manufactured within very small tolerances. They are usually put together using several components, which makes their production complicated and time-consuming.

MIM technology makes this much easier.

Mechanical mounting equipment

Sophisticated combinations of motors and mechanical mounting equipment using MIM technology ensure high reliability, for example for safety engineering applications.

Toothing components

Toothing components manufactured with MIM technology can be mass-produced economically.


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