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maxon DC motors
The outstanding technical features of maxon DC motors:

  • No magnetic cogging
  • High acceleration thanks to a low mass inertia
  • Low electromagnetic interference
  • Low inductance
  • High efficiency
  • Linearity between voltage and speed
  • Linearity between load and speed
  • Linearity between load and current
  • Small torque ripple thanks to multi-segment commutator
  • Able to bear high overloads for short periods
  • Compact design - small dimensions
  • Multiple combination possibilities with gears as well as DC tachometers and encoders

maxon EC motor, ironless winding
Characteristics of maxon EC motors

  • Brushless DC motor
  • Long service life
  • Speeds of up to 50 000 rpm and higher are possible
  • Highly efficient
  • Linear motor characteristics, excellent control properties
  • Ironless winding system maxon® with three phases in the stator
  • Lowest electrical time constant and low inductance
  • No detent
  • Good heat dissipation, high overload capacity
  • Rotating Neodymium permanent magnet with 1 or 2 pole pairs.
  • Lowest residual unbalance

maxon EC motor, iron-cored winding
Characteristics of maxon EC flat motors and EC-i motors

  • Brushless DC motor
  • Long service life
  • Flat design for when space is limited
  • Comparatively high inertia
  • Motor characteristics may vary from the strongly linear behaviour
  • Hall sensor signals utilizable for simple speed and position control
  • Winding with iron core and several teeth per phase in the stator
  • Low detent torque
  • Good heat dissipation, high overload capacity
  • Multipole Neodymium permanent magnet
  • Smaller commutation steps

maxon Gears
If mechanical power is required at a high torque and correspondingly reduced speed, a maxon precision gear is recommended. According to the gear ratio the output speed is reduced while the output torque is enhanced. For a more precise determination of the latter, efficiency must be taken into consideration.

maxon Sensors
maxon offers a series of sensors. Their characteristics are:

Digital incremental encoder

  • Relative position signal suitable for positioning tasks
  • Rotation direction recognition
  • Speed information from number of pulses per time unit
  • Standard solution for many applications

DC tachometer

  • Analog speed signal
  • Rotation direction recognition
  • Not suitable for positioning tasks


  • Analog rotor position signal
  • Analog speed signal
  • Extensive evaluation electronics required in the control system
  • For special solutions in conjunction with sinusoidal commutation in EC motors

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