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Video surveillance systems improve security in places such as seaports, industrial complexes, railroad stations, and prisons. Since they are often outdoors and exposed to the elements for years, they have to be quite resilient. No problem for maxon motors.

The UK is the country with the most surveillance cameras in the world. They are used there especially in large commercial ports to deter and detect thieves, for example at Southampton, one of the most important ports in England. 42 million tons of freight are handled there every year, and the port serves as a European departure point for cruises. The port is also known as the place where the Titanic set off in 1912, which famously never arrived in New York.


The British company Metham Aviation Design Limited (MAD) has installed several weatherproof surveillance systems in the port of Southampton. The company develops and produces cameras and accessories for a wide variety of applications, e.g. in police cars for mobile surveillance, for securing historical buildings, or in airports, seaports, and other nodes of transportation. MAD brings more than 30 years of experience to bear on its products. Its video surveillance systems can be found in almost every corner of the Earth, in standard or customer-specific applications.


The company relies on the high quality of all its components. For this reason, and because of size restrictions, the company relies on maxon DC motors. maxon A-max motors are used in the maintenance-free pan and tilt heads of the Bowler series. These motors are responsible for the panning and tilting movements. The small, robust drive ensures smooth camera movements at speeds from 0.5 to 30 degrees per second. Tough weather conditions like those prevalent in coastal areas are no problem for the maxon drives. The brushed A-max 22 effortlessly withstands temperatures from -30 to +85 degrees.


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